GREEN POINT CLUB is made for the gentlemen of the Southeast Asia who want to look casual yet stylish for every occasion. As one of the most established men’s footwear brands in Malaysia, GREEN POINT CLUB offers you only the best shoes that are not only comfortable to wear, but will give you the confidence boost to be out and about around town.

GREEN POINT CLUB is manufactured by the long-standing Kong Brothers group & led by Kong Kwai Meng (Est. 1980). Founded in 2000, Kong was inspired by the lavish imported shoes worn by the visitors of clubhouses and created his own shoe fashion for men.

High quality & affordability is the key success of GREEN POINT CLUB men’s footwear. With more than 16 years of experience in shoes design & craftsmanship, it is now focusing on providing comfort, fashion & convenient for men’s shoe industry in Malaysia

From casual wear to dress and formal, from shoes to loafers and sandals, GREEN POINT CLUB is definitely your go-to when it comes to smart & stylish footwear for the professionals and executives, or just casual wearers. As one of the fastest-growing shoe's brand under Kong Brothers group, GREEN POINT CLUB only promises quality footwear with the latest fashion trend for men that's worth every cent you spent.


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