KONG BROTHERS SHOES CITY has achieved impeccable achievements through great design and craftsmanship in providing the best footwear solution in Southeast Asia. From the humble construction of manufacturing shoes in Malaysia’s footwear industry for more than 28 years, Kong Brothers group has been providing excellent solutions for all footwear demands for both women and men in Southeast Asia.

Growing further from a home-based operation to becoming the largest manufacturer and wholesaler for varieties of shoe collection, KONG BROTHERS SHOES CITY has strongly built its reputation and received a greater demand in providing the best quality of footwear solutions. With more than 30,000 shoe designs available to fulfill the latest trend and needs, there are many selections of footwear including formal shoes, casual shoes, fashion shoes, sport shoes, industrial safety shoes and many more.


Awarded and certified by The Malaysia Book of Records, KONG BROTHERS SHOES CITY is recognized as shoe wholesaler & manufacturer with the largest Shoes Showroom in Southeast Asia. The 21,600 sq ft showroom is filled with high quality craftsmanship and reasonable wholesale pricing of shoe collections and displays. With the motto of “One-Stop Solution”, KONG BROTHERS SHOES CITY allows every customer to enjoy the unlimited choices of shoe designs with a convenient shopping experience all under one roof.


Led by our founder, Mr. Kong Kwai Meng, Kong Brothers group has been well established in Malaysia since 1980. With more than 50 years of experiences as a great shoemaker, Mr. Kong had strongly introduced his own shoe wholesale business to meet the greater of current demands.

Building up with excellent determination and hard work allows him to proudly introduce KONG BROTHERS SHOES CITY in Malaysia’s footwear industry. Later, he led the company by expanding and built his own shoe factory. He has proven that his ultimate vision has made him into a popular figure in the footwear industry and continuously build an outstanding shoe business empire in Malaysia.

Our Values

KONG BROTHERS SHOES CITY believes in bringing you various high quality, latest designs and amazing shoe collections in Malaysia. With a team of professional and experienced shoemakers, we want you to experience affordable and practical shoe design with latest trendy expectation.

Ahead of time, we want to continually meet your demand and fulfill all the needs with our amazing ‘one-stop solution’ branding. Rest assured that KONG BROTHERS SHOES CITY would always present our customers with amazing shopping experience.

Our Mission

KONG BROTHERS SHOES CITY is committed in providing our customers with latest invention and everyday discovery of footwear solution industry in Malaysia. Leading the demand, we always stand up to follow the competition and strengthening our mission in providing the best to all of our customers. Trust in our “one-stop solution” and you will find the best solution ever in finding the right shoes for your own feet.